☢☺☠ meet the blogger ☠☺☢


name: Gwen or Miranda

age: 19

gender: of the female persuasion


food: Noodles and seafood. I’m from Maryland that latter is practically required. 

drink: Cherry Dr. Pepper (i’m gonna rot my teeth out)

book: Coraline, Good Omens.

film: Spirited Away, I guess? (Not much of a movie person) 

tv shows: MLP, Sailor Moon, Firefly

band: Florence + the Machine

place: Cities. Any city, really.

celebrity: Audrey Hepburn


best friend: don’t make me choose. :c

hometown: A place in Maryland

siblings: Two older brothers.

dream job: A concept artist or a storyboard artist

fears: being a burden, anything with more than eight legs

tattoos: No, but I want a moon on my wrist one day

piercings: Both my ears, but piercings bother my skin, so I don’t really bother

languages: English and a little German


reasons behind my url: it’s the name of my first My Little Pony, Light Heart a gen2 pony. I think she was a gift from my long-since-passed grandmother. Also, since a lot of the MLP:FiM fandom is male, I wanted to pick an uber ~feminine~ to avoid some confusion right off the bat. (in retrospect, I don’t think that would have been an issue.)

why i joined: I saw this as another way to maybe advertise my art, and maybe start an ask blog. 

first url: this one.

# of blogs: 2, this and my art blog decaffeinated pony.

tracked tags: I don’t track tags.